Monday, 2 June 2014

The reality of Life

It is true to say that life is nothing but a testing place. The word 'testing place' is linked with the seriousness of this test. This reflects what life is really meant for and how individuals should act accordingly. Unfortunately, this life is taken for granted but many of the readers wouldn't understand by the word 'granted' as everyone is  spending his life in the most satisfactory manner possible. This doesn't relate to the beggars, orphans or other helpless people. Perhaps, the reality should conveyed to millions of people around the globe.

This life is actually one of greatest place to get observed. Yes, it is true to say that we are getting observed every moment. Whatever actions we commit, it is observed by the single authority Who has the authority over heaven and earth. I am talking about the GOD. I am talking about ALLAH the almighty. This life is a testing place for us and HE is observing us 24/7. Many people wouldn't understand what am I talking about. But, the truth is, ALLAH does exist. He is the supreme creator of this whole world. Without HIM, we are nothing. We are just nothing at all. Everyday we commit many sins which are ignored and avoided by us in any way. Through this, we ignore the GOD - ALLAH as well. Everyone will get to know about his actions in the list of deeds while he is laid to rest in grave. But nobody is aware of the fact that how that dead body is going through that resting place. That place should never be avoided at all. That place is the only place where we would come to know what the reality is. The Holy Prophet PBUH, who was the greatest messenger of ALLAH, warned us to think about GOD before committing any action or deed. No matter what religion you belong to, the reality is, everyone is a born Muslim but people then confirm their religious identity through their kith and kin. But the truth is, everyone is a born Muslim. In this way, when a Christian, Hindu, Buddhist etc. dies, nobody knows what happens to him after death. Only the deceased person has the knowledge of the critical phase he is going through. After death, no one is given a single chance.

The day of resurrection, that is the final day, is the Judgement day. This day will definitely arrive, and then people will come to know what Islam is and why shouldn't they become Muslims at that time. I understand there is too hatred in the world for Islam because of Terrorism but I would not hesitate to say that those individuals are not Muslims at all because they kill people and in Islam if you kill one person, you kill the whole humanity. So, they are the victims of one of the major sin in Islam. You still have a healthy life, you still have a chance, you still commit blunders in your life, you still do whatever contends you but just think for a moment as to who are you and why are you living that way? The reason is people don't understand the true reality of Hereafter because this world is meant to provide you temporary happiness and people are accustomed to it. People don't worry about the future of their hereafter but they do think about the future of this life. This life is nothing just a testing place. The tests are being conducted everyday but we ignore them. We drink alcoholic drinks, we do drugs, we commit adultery and the list continues. These are all major sins my friends. You are solely responsible for everything after death. ALLAH will never leave you for a single out of HIS mercy when you are dead. He will forgive you when you ask for HIS forgiveness in this temporary life because HE appreciates those who avoids these temporary luxuries and just become damn close to ALLAH.

All my readers would definitely hate this post because I am being an extremist but the fact is 'To ALLAH we belong and to HIM we shall return. 

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