Sunday, 27 April 2014

A never ending love for Arcade classics

It is the most common debate among some adults who cannot forget the classic era of arcade games. The arcade era of the 70s and mid 80s was one of the memorable era of the adults of today’s world. The likes of a Defender, Ms. Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Asteroids, and etc. were literally everywhere at that time. The gaming platform of today’s world tries to give new life to such a bygone era, but such an era cannot be replaced with the modern games of today’s age. No matter, the technological innovation has given a new life to the gaming world, but there was never a substitute for arcade games and there could never be!

The die-hard fans of arcade games are still not able to accept the fact that such a glorious arcade era is gone from the planet. They don’t do so because they still play such games on an emulator named as MAME164 which has the ability to play almost every classic arcade game from the past. On the safe side, they claim that they feel the same experience as they used to have it before. But, they just favor their own attitude and adopt a positive approach towards their own opinion. Most importantly, the arcade games on arcade machines had its own essence, which cannot be felt today.

Moreover, the games of today’s world with amazing graphics has made many crazy people to fall into its trap. And, the youth generation would never be able to feel the ultimate quintessence of arcade games because they neither played them nor used the arcade machines to access them. That is why, they are too much involved in the gaming consoles like Xbox 360 or PlayStation.
Crazy fans of arcade classics still try to restore their former glory of arcade games through the use of an emulator. They are even able to forsake gaming consoles for their love of arcade games. They curse themselves for going through such an era because they fight with their past memories not to go out of their mind. And, they keep on struggling until now.

The classic fans of classic arcade games feel classy of having such a great experience with arcade games. Such an experience can never come back again in their life. They value arcade classics and still feel that arcade games are dominant to the gaming of today’s generation because of its tremendous graphics and amazing animation followed by funny characters and sound.

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