Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Psychological effects of Gaming

It is apparent from studies that games have a certain effect on a human’s mind. It can be either positive or negative. But the most profound effects of games are proved to be favorable for a person. Some of the benefits include hand to eye coordination, enhance cognitive skills, and improved interactive abilities. This shows that games also affect the way we think and feel when a person plays any particular game. This is all related to the psychological effects of gaming on a human’s mind.

The psychological effects of gaming are favorable for a person because games include competition, competitive environment, excitement, sounds, and other high score listings. Such features make a gamer to get emotionally involved in the game. These people can have mixed feelings of positivity and negativity while playing a game. Their engrossment in the game becomes the true source of happiness and amusement.

The sounds in a video game provides more pleasure to the gamers and makes them completely immersed in a virtual world. The use of sounds in a game provide a sort of positive or negative reinforcement about their performance. This simply stimulates the emotional experience. Apart from that, the high score listings in a game makes a player learn about his mistakes and then instills in him the encouragement to beat his opponent. This makes him more concerned about his status and reputation. And this truly makes him an exceptional performer in the real world.

With the advent of technological innovation, the players are given a chance to play an international competition against their opponents. This introduces better communication skills in a person when he interacts with a person. This also promotes potential associates when people explore mutual interest among each other followed by competitive gaming.

The bottom line is that people play games for fun and pleasure. This allows a person to heave a sigh of relief from stressful situations and get deeply immersed in the world of fantasy. This can definitely help them remain away from daily life issues and revolutionize their mood accordingly.

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