Monday, 28 April 2014

The virtual addiction to Role Playing Games - RPGs

The gaming preferences are different for different people. Some people prefer to play FPS games i.e. first person shooter games, while some prefer to play realistic strategic games. However, the demand for RPGs keep on increasing due to the distinct features it offers. The characters, dialogues, unrealistic world and other fictional setup that livens up the mood of a person.

There is a great difference between an RPG and other games. One of the first and foremost difference between the two is that it has the perfect ability to generate a real sense of player agency. This means that a gamer can really perceive the reality of his involvement in the fictional adjustment. The player feels that the story that is being unfolded in front of him is his own story. And, he has to fulfill the objectives and mission of such game.

This is the ability of an RPG. It creates the reality of a fictional character in the mind of a player and then he contributes to the story accordingly. If such a person want overcome his worldly troubles, then this is the better place to get addicted to. This is because only then he can be able to kick away his stress and get some relief over his disturbed mind.

RPG games are character centric i.e. they revolve around the storyline of that particular character. Whatever the character is, an RPG just makes it more realistic for a gamer. This makes a gamer wonder as to why the character exists and what is his role in such a fictional world. He feels the sense of accomplishment in his mind and this enhances the cognitive development of brain.

The storyline of RPGs has distinct phases. These phases assigns the gamer a responsibility to fulfill different objectives and tasks. Thus, a gamer feels that this is the storyline of his own real life and he assumes to be that character and never misses any opportunity to get out of his frustration.

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