Sunday, 27 April 2014

Game Addiction - A severe Disease

Addiction to video games or computer games is similar to an addiction to other bad habits. The addiction is developed due to increase in the severity of daily life problems and stress related issues. Therefore, such games are a way of escaping from such issues. That is the reason they completely involve themselves in a world that is totally under their control i.e. virtual world of games.

Research shows that people who are completely addicted to the virtual world of games have lost the sense of communicating with the people and lack communication skills for the real world. Since such people spend a lot of interactive time in a virtual world and feel it extremely difficult to interact with people face to face. Games offer a risk free environment and if a person is playing a multi-player online game, there is always sometime to edit for whatever he says. And, that is why they have lost the confidence to deal with people in the real world.

The gaming addiction can be witnessed when it interferes with the pursuit of their primary goals which are then considered as secondary ones due to their addiction to games. There are massive multi online role playing games like World of Warcraft that allow socially weak people to behave in a different way from their normal character. As a result, shy people start feeling gregarious while passive ones become aggressive.

People who feel impotent in their real life, have a great ability to cause great havoc in a virtual world of games by commanding armies or driving cars recklessly. This is because, they know that they would not have to face its consequences. This makes a virtual world seductive enough to create a deep attachment to such world.
This is such a severe disease that results in the development of other severe symptoms. However, it could not be difficult to get out of this addiction. Some preventative measures are required by the concerned people. They can really help people by encouraging them to take every single positive step in their real life and then appraise their walk towards the reality. Not only they can do this, they can also guide them towards the real life applications and their favorable results that can improve them progress further.

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