Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Golden Era of Arcade Games

The golden age of arcade games is termed as a one of the dominating era of video gamers. The time period cannot be exactly listed, but the experts claim the initialization of such a golden era during the late 1970s and lasting till the mid-1980s. Those gamers who were actively involved in such arcade games still refresh their memories by playing on an emulator MAME that makes it easy for them to play arcade games. But that period cannot be compared to any other gaming period. The technological innovation has produced some graphic rich games, but the likes of donkey Kong, Space Invaders, Pac Man and others enjoy the dominancy of being the classic arcade games.

Whenever people think of their experience with arcade games, they think of passion and enthusiasm. People claim that arcade games were the most powerful games of all time and the gaming consoles still struggle to compare to them. Such games have laid their own cultural and historical significance in the mind of gamers that they fight not to be forgotten.

Though, the arcade slots are less in number than they were during 1980s. But they still amuse people who are still in a need to chase a high score in these arcade games. That is why such slots still exist. Because such passion and love for arcade games give these slots they reason to have infinite lives. There was a time when the craze for arcade games was engulfed around the whole nation. This is because of the wow factor they used to offer to its lovers.

The arcade has its own unique and distinct atmosphere that can never be compared to gaming consoles like Xbox 360 and the likes of different versions of the PlayStation. Even the less number of arcade machines in malls, bars and other public amusement gatherings keeps the excitement alive. This is just because of the aromas of craziness and ambiance in the atmosphere people get while playing the available arcade games.

The classic era of arcade gaming was one of the best spot for youth hang out. That was a time when people were seen hollering and laughing in excitement while playing their favorite games. All such gestures elicited a great emotional response which cannot be seen more frequently today.

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